Roll Forming Machinery

Qualitech Machinery L.L.C. is conveniently located at the bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Asia, and is the only company in all of the Caucasus that produces roll-forming machines. The company frequently supplies the Russian and Middle Eastern markets with an extensive range of its roll-forming machine lines.

We offer solutions to a variety of roll-forming machine needs for any size and profile. The company has the technology, expertise and years of experience required to supply our clients with different types of roll-forming machines, from design to manufacturing, including all tooling, we provide it all.

Our current production range includes roll-forming lines and tooling for roll-forming machines. We produce all kind of profiles, as well as production lines for trapezoidal and corrugated profiled sheets and sandwich panels.

We can also modify your existing roll-forming lines for new profiles, improve the output and its preciseness.
We can also upgrade your outdated roll-forming lines to meet today’s market requirements.
We can convert any production line into one bottom operation system.